Monday, November 13, 2006

Phone calls.

Knowing that I will eventually be called upon to defend myself, it seemed like a good idea to try to gather as much written support as possible. I made a list of people who had given me words of support or encouragement and called them up to request a letter. Many of these conversations were touching, and it did my heart good to hear the shock and disgust in people's voices when I told them my job was on the line.

One conversation did not do my heart good. On a roll from the morning, I tried one woman on the list as a practice break Saturday evening. Despite her having voiced support at church, her tone was entirely negative. As soon as I mentioned the letter, she got real preachy, saying "I wish you hadn't sent that letter, it couldn't have done any good" over and over. Ouch! What happened? She seemed positive when she first spoke with me, but now her tone was one of remorseful anger. What caused this, I cannot say. It seems likely, however, that she liked what I said, but was then confronted with upset people. The decision was then between defending a just cause and keeping peace at home. The latter seems to have won out. Given the conservative, traditional atmosphere here (the high school's sororities are a big deal), I wonder how many people, like this woman, started off reacting positively on their own, but were scared away by the opinions of others.

Fortunately, though, the others were all quite good and were followed up with letters today.



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